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Avec Groups

buy Lyrica in australia We all love the confidence and positive feelings that come from us looking our best. We also want to share this with our friends, and for them to feel the same way.

look here ‘Avec Groups’ is a group learning experience centered around exploring the secrets of how making the right clothing choices can help improve how we feel about ourselves.

Learning in a group is fun, entertaining and enlightening. We can learn so much from one another.

‘Avec Groups’ is a three-hour workshop designed for 10 to 15 women. During this time, as a group, we look at all aspects of personal styling, starting with understanding what makes us unique and how we can make the most of who we are. In a relaxed, trusting atmosphere, you will learn how to identify your personal style, your scale, face shape, body shape, proportions and learn how to dress to flatter the bits you like most and disguise the areas you are not so happy with.

Let me show you and your friends how to extract, express and exude YOUR uniqueness.

Dear Agnes,
Thank you so much for such a brilliant Image Workshop on Monday. My friends thoroughly enjoyed it and gained a great deal from attending. I’ve received very positive feedback; most notably from Liz that she felt “really good” following the session. All who took part, myself included, will continue to sing your praises. The experience is truly educational and, even more importantly, empowering.”