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Avec Teenagers

how to order prednisone taper As a mother of 3 young adults and having experienced personally the devastating effects of teenagers low self-esteem , I feel strongly about helping young people accepting the way they are and embracing their individuality.  

Teenage years bring with them a lot of unseen pressures: there’s pressure to be accepted by peers and with online avenues, offline media and televesion, there is a seemingly endless stream of pressure about what look is ‘in’, or which definition of ‘beauty’ is correct.

Some alarming statistics ( Source : dove self esteem fund):

  • 71% of girls with low self-esteem feel their appearance does not measure up, including not feeling pretty enough, thin enough or stylish or trendy enough (compared to 29% of girls with high self-esteem)
  • 78% of girls with low self-esteem admit that it is hard to feel good in school when you do not feel good about how you look (compared to 54% of girls with high self-esteem)
  • A girl’s self-esteem is more strongly related to how she views her own body shape and body weight, than how much she actually weighs
Low self-esteem significantly impacts girls’ overall feelings about their own beauty

Teenage years are also important in developing a sense of style and fashion: ‘Avec Teenagers’ is designed to give you access to tools that will help develop your character and help empower you to make the best choices to look fantastic in whatever you wear.

The benefits include:

  • Being happy about being you
  • Accepting your body as it is
  • Gaining a positive body image and self-esteem
  • Project with confidence at a university or job interview

L feels prettier with her lovely new clothes on and she twirls round smiling which she hasn’t done for so long. She feels more confident…I can’t thank you enough Agnes for your sensitive support and enthusiasm. We have so enjoyed sharing this little journey together with you and for all that you have put into it personally with such kindness and care.   Nicola, Mum of L, aged 15.

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